Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another Loving Mother

One of my dear friends held a fundraiser this week to increase awareness about Childhood Apraxia of Speech . It was a great evening with many wonderful people attending to support her and her family's journey, and also hear about about this frustrating speech disorder.

Like all the attendees I learned much about apraxia and the need for ongoing research to find a cure. But the most important lesson I took away was that while this impairment is strong and challenging, it cannot even touch the amazing force found in a parent's love for her child.

While my friend's youngest son (along with many other precious children--since it's being diagnosed more often) daily battles with finding his words, he is a most fortunate one because his voice is already being heard. That's not only because he works so hard every day using his precious, positive spirit during his rigorous therapy sessions and at-home practice, but also due to the crucial fact he has a mom and dad who have a love for him that is way more powerful than this thing called apraxia.

Here's a few ways that we can all help...

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