Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Clearer Picture

On the way down the stairs I was thinking of a difficult family situation we're going through-getting older, taking care of loved ones, making the most out of life. Pretty big stuff.

As my mind was reeling about all of this, I brushed by a picture of my son and knocked it off the wall. I was relieved when I saw that the large piece of glass remained unbroken after the tumble. Smiling at the photo of my little guy at four months old-big chubby smile and fat fists, I knew this was sheer joy caught on film.

After adjusting the crooked matte, I returned the framed picture to the wall and walked away. Again it fell down, this time causing black streaks and a rather large dent in the foyer wall which I recently repainted.

Not quite as tickled this time, I was still able to manage a grin when I noticed the glass was still intact. I hung the picture-again-this time making sure it was fully connected to the tiny, metal hanger. On my knees I scrubbed the wall clean. Still on my knees Please make me like that glass-fragile but strong, visible but able to show the beauty of others, delicate but resilient to what life brings.