Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walking in a Wacky Wonderland

On his way out the door to yet again hit the October snow with his full six-year-old force, my son turned back to me and announced in his cute toothy grin,"This is the BEST winter EVER!" While he knows the calendar still shows fall, he and my daughter think this unexpected Frosty-making weather is GREAT!

I decided to fight back the urge to tell him that he better get used to this kind of wacky winter weather because even the springs up here in our mountain home will soon start feeling like summer. Our climate has been drastically changed--and unfortunately this cannot be explained away as just some unusual weather pattern or cycle that the earth is undergoing. But these changes in the environment are a consequence of his parents, grandparents, etc. living frivolously and casually on this beautiful planet that God made. I wanted to tell him that on behalf of all the people that came before him and his sweet sister that I was sorry for what we had done and that we wish we could take it back and start over by being better stewards to this gift of Earth. I wanted to warn him that he and his brilliant friends had better quickly find a way to reverse the damage we had done--if that is still possible.

But instead, I agreed with him whole-heartedly and said that yes, this was truly was the BEST winter ever and watched him run out into the white wonderland.

I'll just have to do my part on Earth while I can, teach my children what they can do, and keep the hot cocoa coming in October.