Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Years Later, A Blog Post (worth the wait, I hope)

Much has been said about timing and waiting. There are thousands of phrases taught from our parents, some come from sermons, while others are just classic wisdom that teachers, musicians, or other everyday sages felt the need to impart, knowing that most humans need continuous reminders (my hand's raised) to remind, encourage, even warn us about the frustrations and pitfalls of impatience. Some of the most famous sayings that come to my mind are . . .

Good things come to those who wait.

The waiting is the hardest part.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.

My friends and family know that we've had our own hurry-up-and-wait game for the past four and a half years since moving to Boone. While holding out for our old house to sell and then searching for the past year for the happiest home for us, looks like our patience will pay off.
How's it worked out? Well, I personally couldn't have scripted it any better. It's a long special story, worthy of a cold beverage on a pretty covered porch on a warm day (come on over in a few months after we're moved in and I'll tell you the tale).

This week and in past months, I've reflected repeatedly on a pretty well-known timing quote: Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails. So why was I made to wait for what seemed so long? I've asked that many times. Was it to give me my extra share of that "gift" that I wasn't given naturally? Perhaps, because I have told my story of waiting with many of you. I'm not sure of all the why's behind the wait, but I do know many lessons have been learned. And on top of that, I've even met new friends because of it--what a wonderful present as a result!

As my husband and I look for the fast-approaching hurdles to jump through--less than a month from closing on our new home--another kind of wait begins. I already know I'll have to tell myself more than once Patience, young grasshopper. While we're collecting boxes, crossing our fingers through inspections, appraisals, etc., I get to play the waiting game again. But now I'm praying that things will slow down---because we sure have a lot of packing to do. But don't worry about me this time because now I know...

Time is on our side, yes it is.