Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the Season

. . . for severe lack of slumber with an extra heap of vomit on top?!?

After coming off less than two hours of sleep (I had cuddled next to our daughter who spent the night coughing and trying her best for an early gift of holiday bronchitis), the dog began puking on the carpet. Of course, she had the great timing to wait till I was by myself with both kids, since my husband had just unknowingly(?) escaped out the garage as the first heave ensued. I cleaned up the dog barf, then trudged to the kitchen wondering what could happen next, as I had only been semi-awake for 10 minutes.

Thankfully I spotted some bananas that were seconds from a compost bin dive. And well, since I was out of lemons (and lemonade is not a classic cold weather drink), I got the sudden urge to whip up some chocolate-banana-nut bread instead.

In the time I got the bread prepared and in the oven, I had cleaned up more dog puke, washed my hands for the upteenth time, determined my daughter was staying home from school, laughed off the fact that my day's plan to tackle the ridiculous list of last-minute Christmas errands was just not going to happen, and had improved my attitude considerably. And from the warm, sweet aroma coming from the kitchen right now, seems like the day is looking up (did I mention the kids stayed asleep during my baking bliss?). God bless us, everyone--and a special shout-out for the cocoa bean.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FCS Friend

Dear Flip,

Because of you I am reminded of these seemingly simple, everyday things . . .

- The "stuff" really does not matter.
- The sweetest sound in the world is your child's voice, especially laughter.
- Silly quibbles with our loved ones are just that.
- Time with family and friends is irreplaceable.
- Prayer is a powerful and uniting force.
- God is the source of hope and love.

And in this season of giving, I thank you, Flip, for these reflections. What a present from someone I have not seen in 20 years.

My hope, my prayer is that you are given the opportunity to experience these gifts on Earth again. Until then, thank you.