Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Snow Day

After walking my daughter into school this morning to deliver the class snack, I was struck--and yes, I mean literally PELTED by the most enormous, gorgeous, fluffy white clusters of snow! They were awesome, in fact, they are still falling now (so I better hurry up and write this, as they may be calling off school any minute.)

Then as I sat in my car to get it warmed back up, I glanced across the parking lot and was struck even deeper. One of the second-grade teachers was outside with her students catching these giant white flakes from the sky. While looking at them I could not help but see an image of what the delighted and dancing Israelites must have felt like so long ago as they awoke to discover the much-needed manna that had fallen around them.

These kids (and even perhaps more so their teacher) were dancing around with all eyes looking upward. It was a celebration of the awesomeness of nature--a true science lesson they will not soon forget. When their Moses led her snow strutting crew with their collection of white puffs on paper sheets, I smiled as they skipped back into the classroom with their frozen treasures.

We've been in Boone for seven months now, and I haven't blogged since then. Although there have been many things to share--both good and well, challenging--today's scenes and images are just what I needed, and so wanted to share them. And I am thankful.

Thank you, teachers, for providing what our children need. In a time of questionable economy and world disaster, in a time where teachers are enduring through substantial criticism and blame, I say thank you to the educators who stick it out each day and continue to teach real lessons to our children. Here's to the millions of "snow days" happening in classrooms all over the world today.


  1. I love that you are back in the blogging world, even if only for a quick visit. It's always a joy to read your posts! Miss you!

  2. I have missed you and your blog posts, so I hope that you will continue. I learn something from them. Take care and great post by the way!

  3. Glad you're back! I was thinking about you guys when I heard it was snowing.

  4. I'm teaching second grade now until the end of the year for a teacher on maternity leave. It's such a joy. No snow for our science lesson today. Welcome back to the blogosphere, I've missed hearing about your family.

  5. So glad to be back. Thank you for the positive feedback.