Sunday, October 25, 2009

Words of Love

There are certain words, specific phrases that make the world a better place (at least the one I live in).


-uttered at anytime by your child--even when it's said just to get something (and nothing replaces the first time)

I'm thinking of you.

-spoken by someone you know that loves you and is actually thinking of you

Here you go . . .

-offered by a dear friend who recognizes that you need help, knows that you do not want to owe anyone, but sees that you will likely implode if someone does not step in soon

I'll take care of it.

-said by your loving partner when he sees that you have given what you can, desperately need to recoup, and need him to be the strong one for a little while

These are the kind of words that are wonderful to hear, especially if you happen to come down with the flu which develops into a lung infection and you're out of commission for a week. At least I think they would be. :-)

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